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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook...A Need?

i am quite excited to write about this topic..the way internet have expanded and with an average of 30000 new website being published tell us that technology and internet community is expanded really quick...

Among this and networking website is the most popular searches in Google search engine...with 1 620 000 000 searches inquiry..clearly tell us that Facebook is one of the most famous social website nowadays...

Starting its glory in 4 February 2004.Facebook originates from Facemash,a website created by the same inventor,Mark Zuckerberg.By compiling photos n asking the viewers to pick the hotter photo..Facemash expanded by creating a study tool later..uploading Augustan images with some review n open forum for Harvard students,Mark have made an outstanding innovation and that is actually the origin of Facebook concept that was later published in his next semester,replacing the Facemash,Facebook has now become a need,as a place for making friends,soacializing as well as netmarketing(networking and marketing) place for investor as well as students around the world..

With the current value of about $15billion share with Microsoft Corporation,Facebook have become one of the most expensive website in internet community...Facebook is a need to all people..especially they do communicate with other people easily by just a click or two...without need to go outside n meet those people...

Advertisers also do see the importance of Facebook in helping them publicize their ads n many other products...and it is interesting to see that more and more people joined this social website day by day...And i do agree that Facebook is a need for people around the world nowadays...since it does give much advantage that can overcome its bad side effect